Plus Size Online: About My Story

Plus Size Online – About me

My story is also your story

Plus Size Online : Qui suis-je ? c'est moi !


On this page, I will not dwell too much on my person or my past and I will speak to you with sincerity and what interests me: it is you!

Just know that I’m really well, that I’ve been married for almost 40 years (with the same woman) and that we have 4 children.

I’m a fan of optimism and “I’m still in love”.

You will feel it on every page of this website for those who have decided to be happy in body and mind.

If you see your imperfections as an opportunity, if you have decided to accept your body and live: then this site is for you.


Come on, a little bit of my journey! You’ll know everything.

I’m going over the years during which, like many, I tried various activities that certainly enriched me but…I felt I could do better!

Until my professional resurrection in 2 stages.

1 – RETURN TO SCHOOL for 2 years which made me a “specialist” in programming languages and the Internet. I became what was then called a “Cybermarketer”, a “Webmarketer”.

But don’t worry, I didn’t have any brain transplants and I didn’t become a cyborg!

2 – THE ASCENSION:I immediately embarked on an “Apple” style adventure for 10 years with two visionary and opportunistic brothers.

Together we started an Internet activity in the basement of their parents’ villa with the crazy goal of selling medical equipment for health professionals.

In this 50 m² room, we worked like merry frosty people to the point of becoming the leaders of Medical Equipment on the Internet in a 2000 m² room.

You can find a summary of this magnificent business on the website of this Company which continues to expand at the following address:

You can see my pretty face below on the right with the two adventurers of the time…and yes it is me! First of all: Read about my background.

Plus Size Online : À propos, mon envie de liberté

DESIRE FOR FREEDOM: All these beautiful countries became our new home, where we met exciting people. We have had 1000 opportunities to see the country but also through the encounters to bring friendship, help and comfort to those who have become our friends.


And then, after 10 years, like 79% of French people, I wanted to change my life.

Not to escape the monotony of a daily life that had become burdensome, but rather to become the creator of my own path again.

I could have become a yoga teacher or travelled through the French countryside in a camper van (I have nothing against these activities) but we preferred to travel a good 10,000 kms to settle down in South-East Asia.

So after packing our bags, with my wife and our last son, we have been sailing freely for 10 years between Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.


Then gradually, as time went by, you are now beginning to know me, a project started to come to my mind and nag at me.

I asked myself the question: Why not take advantage of my free time and web expertise to create an activity that would allow us to have an income BUT would also make life easier for a community of people linked by the same problem?

Having travelled a lot (all over Southern Europe, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Asia…) and having carefully observed human behaviour, I noticed that the question that came up most often was:

How to find happiness? Big question isn’t it?

Plus Size Online: one of the keys to happiness


One answer, among others, came up regularly: one of the keys to happiness is to feel good about yourself and your mind.

However, unhappiness or what prevents us from being happy is often linked to a negative judgement of ourselves, especially our physical appearance, and to the fact that we do not accept ourselves as we are.

What I have noticed is that this is frequently the case with those who are overweight or even obese, because those who experience this situation tend to develop a feeling of inferiority and guilt. All the more so as, in an incomprehensible way, obesity is a source of discrimination and even hostility.



I thought, this has got to stop!

So, without pretending to do better than the others (I am not a personal development specialist), I decided to create this website with a mission :

“Bring happiness to your curves! »

Indeed, all of us have the right to feel beautiful.

Everyone must be able to live and accept their imperfections and turn them into an advantage.

We all have the right to happiness, elegance, to live life to the fullest.

Plus Size Online : votre liberté d'expression


Also, on Plus Size Online you will find an offer that will help you in 6 points:

  1. Accept your reality, your body, your imperfections, your curves with serenity.
  2. Do not lock yourself in ready-made ideas about clothing as if you were locking yourself in a closet.
  3. To give you the choice of your dreams by the uncomplicated choice of your outfit.
  4. Promote your success by taking care of your image in your sincerity.
  5. Prevent the fear of embarrassing yourself and make the choice of your clothes without fearing the look of others.
  6. Take up the challenge of being different and live your reality by being proud of who you are.

Your freedom to choose your clothing is as precious as your freedom to talk and express your emotions.

Plus Size Online: build your story


Are you ready to take care of your body, to let go of your prejudices?

Are you ready to gain confidence by never forgetting that you are beautiful, beautiful and can be a source of inspiration ?

What do you need to do?

  • Then be attentive to my offers that will contribute to your full development and make me the happiest of men.
  • You will gradually find on Plus Size Online a complete range of large size clothing for men and women: trousers, shirts and blouses, lingerie, underwear, skirts, overalls, swimsuits, skirts, sports and leisure wear, tee-shirts, jewellery and other accessories to make your life easier (security, family, car, kitchen, sleep, electronics, living comfort…).
  • On Plus Size Online, whatever your body size, we will help you to live a new version of your existence, you will be able to let go of your prejudices and change the look of others with ease.

If you feel that this offer is for you then feel free to embark on this adventure with me that has a purpose:

“Bring happiness to your curves! »